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You can come to us with all your birds for check-ups, annual vaccinations, or in case of illness. We perform comprehensive diagnostics, ranging from routine check-ups to screening for buying and selling. Throughout the seasons, you can consult with us for medical guidance on racing pigeons and other bird species. We provide customized annual schedules for each bird species, which we adjust annually.

If necessary, we also conduct house visits.

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We have a well-equipped autopsy room that meets all modern requirements. Autopsy is of great value in determining the exact cause of death for your bird. It allows us to initiate targeted treatment for your other birds based on the diagnosis.

Our samples are taken and processed in a hygienic and correct manner. During each autopsy, all injuries are routinely examined macroscopically and microscopically. In case of suspicious lesions or suspected infection, samples are taken for bacteriology and/or virology.

Cytology is one of the first diagnostic tools we can use alongside the macroscopic examination of lesions. Thanks to our extensive database, we can quickly make a diagnosis by combining cytology and the clinical picture.

You will always receive a comprehensive autopsy report with images of the lesions, the diagnosis, and customized treatment advice.

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We rely on a well-equipped sterile environment and corresponding specific equipment for various surgical procedures. These procedures are performed under gas anesthesia with patient monitoring. During surgery, we aim for a painless procedure by using appropriate pain medication and sedation.

Before and after the operation, we offer hospitalization for your animals. This ensures close monitoring and provides the necessary and correct postoperative care and medication.


Gender determination

Gender determination in birds through DNA analysis is a painless, non-invasive, and especially safe method. This is done simply by conducting a PCR test on a few feathers.


Fecal examination

Unlike in the wild, the infection pressure in our birds can significantly increase. Through a fecal examination, parasitic and protozoan infections (coccidiosis) can be quickly and easily detected. By regularly checking the feces, you will know if there are infections present in the coop/aviary. This allows you to intervene specifically and promptly if necessary.

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Medical guidance for racing pigeons

For pigeon enthusiasts, we offer a comprehensive range of services. We always begin with a general examination and a discussion of the past season. The general examination is thorough, including a fecal examination, bacteriology/virology/parasitology, and a clinical examination of the pigeons. Throughout the season, we guide the enthusiast with complete and customized vaccination and racing schedules. Through close collaboration with Poulpharm, we provide the most common and effective vaccines.

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As a veterinary practice, we work closely with the in-house laboratory Poulpharm, specialized in avian diagnostics. This ensures a rapid diagnosis.

We can perform a wide range of analyses, including serology, histology, virology, bacteriology, and parasitology. Additionally, we can also handle the production of autovaccines for pigeons and poultry.

Furthermore, we can test your bird for various viral diseases (such as PBFD, Borna, Pacheco, etc.), Chlamydia, Aspergillosis, etc.

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