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Emiel Demeester

Emiel is originally from central West Flanders and studied veterinary medicine at Ghent University. During his studies, special attention was given to everything related to birds and poultry.

In 2016, he founded Medibird and developed it into the practice it is today. He focuses primarily on songbirds, pigeons, and ornamental poultry.

He personally breeds various types of birds and ornamental poultry, and when there's some free time, he occasionally participates in finch competitions.

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Niels Normon

Niels is originally from South-West Flanders and studied veterinary medicine at Ghent University. Prior to that, he successfully completed his biomedical sciences training at KU Leuven. This provided him with more insight into the laboratory techniques relevant to birds. He underwent various additional training sessions and internships at different avian practices, including those in Chicago and Belgium.

Niels has been a valuable addition to Medibird since 2019. He specializes mainly in parrots, pigeons, and ornamental poultry. His passion for birds extends to his home, where he keeps various ornamental poultry.

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Lander Cornelis

Since 2023, the team has been strengthened by veterinarian Lander. He graduated from Ghent University with a specialization in poultry, pigs, and rabbits. During his studies, he also completed an internship at Medibird, but his passion for birds has been with him since childhood!

As the grandson of a pigeon fancier, Lander's deep interest in every feathered creature was established at a very young age. Figuratively speaking, he was already holding pigeons in his hands before he could walk. In addition to his keen interest in pigeon racing, he also finds joy in breeding ornamental chickens, songbirds, and rabbits.

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