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How do you proceed?

18 euros

+ €3,50/per additional sample


Take some feces from the coop/cage/aviary and place it in a plastic bag/jar/envelope/folded paper. A filled bottom of 3 cm is more than sufficient. Make sure to collect both fresh (wet) and older (dry) feces from different days and various locations.

You can choose to take the manure from different animals separately or together. 


Shipping manure sample:

Place the manure together with the form to be downloaded in an envelope and stick it on. Envelope weight: 0-100 grams (2 stamps); 100-350grams (3 stamps). Shipping must take place on the day of sampling.

You can always bring the manure directly to us at the practice. 

Address: Medibird, Prins Albertlaan 112, 8870 Izegem, Belgium

The veterinarian will contact the responsible person by telephone when the results are known.

Recommended frequency of fecal testing:

  • Individually housed: 3 months.

  • Aviaries: 1 to 2 months + at critical moments: before breeding, during breeding, during weaning, during moulting, purchase of new animals, ...

  • Outdoor visits: 2 to 3 monthly + at critical moments.

  • Preventively or for specific symptoms of a sick animal

Recommended frequency of fecal testing



Individually housed



1 to 2 monthly + at critical moments: before breeding, during breeding, at weaning, during molting, when acquiring new animals, etc.

Outdoor enclosure

2 to 3 monthly + at critical moments

In addition, fecal examination can also be important preventively or in case of specific symptoms in a sick animal.

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