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CRO clinical trials

Type of studies

Poulpharm covers most aspects of product development from initial product screening to registration, marketing and license renewal. We are strongly specialized in poultry clinical research and to this end, we count with our own experimental facilities where floor pen and cage studies can be run. Furthermore, we offer field studies in our own facilities as well as the follow up of field studies in external sites. We have several in house challenge models related to poultry gut health problems.

Study management

We can offer complete management  of your project  from study design proposal, protocol development, inoculum (link met biological collection) follow-up of study events to data management, statistical analyses and report, all this in a GCP regulated environment.

Study parameters

The design of our facilities allows us obtaining  zootechnical data with high precision and accuracy. Parameters include animal health & mortality, body weight & daily weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and water intake. Our staff is also well-trained in sampling procedures, such as faecal, blood & tissue sampling.
Our associated veterinary practice assists us in the investigation of health and disease parameters like lesion scoring of the digestive, respiratory or locomotory systems, litter / faecal quality, animal behavior and disease symptoms.
In agreement with our customer we look for the parameters closely adjusting to the product under investigation.


If you want more information, please contact cro@poulpharm.be