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Poulpharm performs  routiniously worm egg countings. We also collect different species for clinical research.

Poulpharm is one of the leading labs for coccidiosis analyses. Through the years, the lab has built up an exceptional knowledge about coccidiosis with a well trained staff. Each year, we investigate microscopically about 7000 feacal samples for Eimeria oocyst counting.
Besides OPG counting we also offer a qPCR for the detection and semi quantification of Eimeria oocysts in chicken and turkey samples.

We offer microscopy and PCR techniques for identification of Histomonas meleagridis. We have several strains in our Biobank and we can cultivate in vitro cultures for research projects.

Dermanyssus gallinae is one of the major ectoparasitic problems in poultry. Poulpharm developed an in house sensitivity test and screening tool for the sector.